The key objective of the Understanding how Kosovo Police is leveraging on ICTs to strengthen community participation in newly institutionalised Community Based Policing Division


What is in the pilot?

Focus of ICT pilot implementation of an App of the Kosovo Community Police Department in building trust with the community
UiO has research collaboration agreement with Kosovo Police, which includes:

  • Following projects under each sector to understand the community policing approach, methods and communication
  • Participate in implementation of Community Policing App (called Lajmero Policine)
  • UiO is following five projects with Community Policing department:
  • Capacity building of police supervisors on conducting gender sensitive investigation, enable them to identify early indicators for domestic violence and early response
  • Following sensitization of school children on bullying, abuse
  • Participating in Security Forum meetings in 3 Municipalities
  • Participate in launch and implementation of Community Policing App
  • Participate in getting community feedback on the Community Policing App

To analyze the role of ICTs in enabling community policing in multiple domains:

  • Domestic violence
  • Youth delinquencies
  • Fight against crime
  • COVID-19 quarantine enforcement


What is the ICT in the pilot?  

  • Following Kosovo Community Police department to understand how ICTs are being used by Police to reach out to the community
  • Supporting implementation of Community Policing App
  • Supporting in getting feedback from community on their use of the  App
  • Participating in other trainings, sensitisation and capacity building to understand use of ICTs 


Methodology & Empirical Approach

Our pilot entailed following the Directorate of Police in Community and Prevention in how they used ICTs under the following sectors in reaching out to the community

  • Prevention of domestic violence
  • Prevention of violent extremism and narcotics
  • Prevention of child delinquency and minors
  • Security forums
  • Public safety forums
  • Key intervention: Community Policing App



  • Due to pandemic lockdown, reporting through the app was not optimal
  • Out of total 816 cases reported, 90% cases were of domestic violence
  • The majority of cases were reported from the capital city of the country.
  • Optimal lockdown rule compliance by the citizens enabled by the App, although the App was relatively premature to be implemented for this purpose
  • Overall, the Community Policing is well trusted



  • ICTs has helped in increase of reported cases – creating visibility
  • Visibility of cases helps the police proactively engage with crime
  • Helps enhance citizen awareness of avenues of police support
  • Provides information support contributing to crime decline
  • Contributes to the rise of trust in the work of Community Police
  • Facilitates lockdown rule compliances