Digital Stories

A Story of Survival (Afghanistan)


A Tale of Invisibility (El Salvador)

Narrated by Erika Rojas


Fragile Futures (Afghanistan)

Narrated by Jaishankar Ganapathy


Looking Beyond ICT (Pakistan)

Narrated by Tahir Maqsood


Lost in Translation (Global)

Narrated by Kari Osland


People-Centered Policing (Kenya)

Narrated by Douglas Brand


Recruit Into Danger (Afghanistan)

Narrated by A. Heather Coyne


Reporting Gender-Based Violence (Pakistan)

Narrated by Abda Khalid


There is Nothing Here (Kosovo)

Narrated by Fabienne Coenders


The Role of Indigenous Institutions in Guatemala (Guatemala)

Narrated by Arturo Matute


Between the Roles (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Narrated by Katarzyna Struzinska


Influence (Global)

Narrated by Tor Damkaas


Work with the Community, Not your Weapons (Kenya)

Narrated by Ingvild Gjelsvik


Police Brutality in Nairobi's Informal Settlements (Kenya) 

Narrated by Clifford Okwany


Radicalization (Pakistan)

Narrated by Neil Davey


Dispute Resolution Councils in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province (Pakistan)

Narrated by Shakir Ullah


Understanding COP (Global)

Narrated by Kari Osland