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The Narrative of Militancy: A Case Study of Swat, Pakistan

Qasim Ali Shah, Bahadar Nawab, Ingrid Nyborg and Noor Elahi

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Can Technology Build Trust?

Community-Oriented Policing and ICT in Afghanistan
Ajmal Nimruzi, Jaishankar Ganapathy, and Ingrid Nyborg

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Protecting the Citizenry—or an Instrument for Surveillance? The Development of Community-oriented Policing in Kenya

Stian Lid and Clifford Collins Omondi Okwany

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Pushing on a String?

An Argument for Civil Society-driven Community Policing as Alternative to Ministry-centric Approach in Conflict-affected States
A. Heather Coyne and Ingrid Nyborg

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Striving for the Impossible?

Policing and Territoriality in the Age of the War on Terror
Stig Jarle Hansen

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Emerging Perspectives on Post-Conflict Police-Community Relations II

Ingrid Nyborg and Daniel Juddson Lohmann

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The Gendered Nature of Security in El Salvador: Challenges for Community-Oriented Policing

Erika Julieta Rojas Ospina

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From Guns to Roses: Understanding Community-Oriented Policing in Afghanistan

Ingrid Nyborg, Jaishankar Ganapathy, and Ajmal Nimruzi

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Community-Oriented Policing: Political, Institutional and Technical Reforms in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Police

Nawab Bahadar, Shakir Ullah, Ingrid Nyborg, and Tahir Maqsood

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Community-Based Policing in Nicaragua: Do the Claims of Communitarian, Proactive and Preventative Hold True?

John-Andrew McNeish, Skarlleth Martinez Prado and Hugo Frühling Ehrlich

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Somalia’s Security Challenges Complicate Transfer Of Responsibility To Government

Alice Hills

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Role Of ICT In Community-Oriented Policing In South Asia: Challenges And Opportunities

Tahir Maqsood, Sajjad A. Madani, Nawab Bahadar and Ingrid Nyborg

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Pathways to Understanding Community-Oriented Policing in Post-Conflict Societies

Jaishankar Ganapathy and Tor Damkaas

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UN Policing: The Security–Trust Challenge

Kari M. Osland

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Aguu: From Acholi Post War Street Youth and Children to ‘Criminal Gangs’ in Modern Day Gulu City, Uganda

Shai Divon and Arthur Owor

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Possibilities of Advancing Police Reform in Guatemala through Community -Oriented Policing

Arturo Matute

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A Bird’s-Eye View from the Field—How a Police Experts Network Can Be an Important Link in Facilitating Sustainable Community-Oriented Policing in Post-Conflict Contexts

Jaishankar Ganapathy, Tor Damkaas and Alf Halvar Næsje

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