Stories From The Field

Soldiers or Police? A Report From Afghanistan

Ajmal Nimruzi

When I sent my senior colleagues the first draft of a field research report from the Nimruz Province in Afghanistan, they responded with an interesting point I wouldn’t have noticed myself: Throughout the 35 page report, I referred to policemen/women as soldiers.
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Kosovo: Home Of The Organized Criminal Stray Dogs

Robin Hofmann

In the perception of the world, Kosovo seems to be one thing in particular: a security risk. As one of the youngest states of the earth Kosovo has become a hub for organized crime, drugs, human trafficking and illegal weapons trade into the European Union. It is suspected that some of the Paris attackers received their weapons via Kosovo.
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Neighborhood Watch, Somalia

Alice Hills

In her article, Prof. Hills argues that a watch group scheme in Mogadishu’s Wabeeri district offers a sustainable alternative to more internationally-driven schemes on the ground that it is local and Somali-driven … More.
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Demographics, Migration And The Swiss National Football Team: Challenges For Community Policing In Kosovo

Robin Hofmann

Migration is a typical post-conflict problem and one which poses specific challenges for community policing. The first two things one recognizes when boarding the plane from Düsseldorf in Germany to Prishtina …
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Quantity Over Quality

Benjamin Roja

Guatemala: Success in community-based policing requires not just more police officers but also education, training and institutional resources. Early last autumn, as part of ongoing research into community policing …
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