Tobias Singlenstein

contributed to Work Package 5: Youth Issues and Work Package 10: South East Europe, by supervising and formally leading the efforts of Ruhr University Bochum starting in the summer of 2019 until the project’s extended end date in November 2020. He is also engaged in the planning and implementation of the post-project exploitation plan. 

Prof. Dr. Tobias Singelnstein is Chair of Criminology at the Law Faculty of RUB. His main areas of work are criminology (e.g. society and systems of social control, police and judiciary, security research) as well as criminal law and criminal procedure (e.g. official wrongdoing, criminal investigations and law of evidence, digitalization and data processing in criminal proceedings). Apart from over 50 contributions in professional publications, he has authored various monographs and edited several collective volumes. Tobias Singelnstein is conducting multiple third-party funded research projects, and as of 2018 jointly runs the master’s course “Kriminologie, Kriminalistik und Polizeiwissenschaft” at RUB with Thomas Feltes.