Sajjad Madani

worked as part of WP8 to advise the team working on use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) for community-oriented policing. He actively participated to establish collaboration between WP8 researchers and various government and non-governmental organizations for the development of pilot project. He was instrumental in organizing seminars, workshops, and other disseminations activities of WP8. 

Dr Madani is Professor in the department of computer science at COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI). Dr. Madani devoted his career for the promotion of IT education. He has been instrumental in setting up effective collaborations, organizing IT conferences of international repute, designing and upgrading IT curriculum, co-authoring concept paper leading to the establishment of CUI virtual campus, contributing significantly to IT research, setting up of computer labs in deprived government schools, and supervising a good number of graduate and undergraduate students. Dr. Madani established collaboration between CUI and Energy Department of Austrian Institute of Technology in a bid to make mirror research group at CUI in the area of “Energy and IT”. Dr. Madani contributed in a distinctive way in the dissemination of cutting-edge IT research. He organized international conference on frontiers of information technology for five consecutive years. He has also been organizing exhibition of Pakistani Universities at Vice Chancellors Forum (Islamic World) and a workshop on ICTs in Pak-China Business Forum. He has also actively participated in the development and up-gradation of IT curriculum of various universities in Pakistan. His research interests include application of ICTs in community policing, energy-efficient systems, and performance evaluation of communication systems. Dr. Madani is the recipient of a prestigious 12th Tera data National IT Excellence Award, a gold medal for grabbing top position in the department, and scholarships for MS and PhD studies by Ministry of Science and Technology and Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.