Hugo Frühling

contributed to ICT4COP’s Work Package 9: Central America by preparing desk-based studies on Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. He reviewed some of the articles prepared for the study and collaborated in the preparation of a literature review on trust, legitimacy, and police accountability. 

Hugo Frühling was born in Santiago, Chile. He  has a JD. from the University of Chile, an LL.M and an S.J.D. from Harvard Law School. He is currently a  full professor of the Public Affairs Institute of the University of Chile, and Director of the Institute of Public Affairs of  the University of Chile.  From  1992 to 1994 was Executive Secretary of the Public Security Coordinating Council of the Chilean Government, and advisor to the Minister of the Interior.  

He has published on public policies on crime; police reform, human rights and judicial reform in Latin America. He has been a consultant to the Ford Foundation, The United Nations, The World Bank, and The Interamerican Development Bank on legal reform, human rights policies,,on  policies dealing with crime, and police reform.  He has been a visiting professor at Ottawa Law School, Harvard Law School, Princeton University and was a fellow at the  Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Some of his  publications are: 

Frühling, H. & Corvalán, M.V. (2017) “Pacificação de bairros vulneráveis: o caso do Barrio en Paz Residencial, no Chile” em Moreira, A; Barreto, A.;Chirio, M.; Mores L. (Editores) Pacificação: o que é e a quem se destina. Rio do Janeiro: Editora Alameda. Violence and Police in Latin America, published by FLACSO Ecuador in 2009. “A realistic look at Latin American community policing  programmes, Policing and Society, 22:1, 76-88, 2012;  Políticas públicas en materia de seguridad ciudadana  durante el gobierno de Sebastián Piñera (2010 – 2011)”. Política. Revista de Ciencia Política, volumen 49 No, 2. 2011, pgs. 113 – 126.