Grete Benjaminsen

contributed to ICT4COP’s Work Package 2: Comparative COP. She conducted comparative and meta-analysis of project results across countries and regions, and - based on these - led the work to develop an e-handbook on community-oriented policing. She worked closely with Neil Davey on training and assisting project researchers in developing research-based Digital Stories that were used in the e-handbooks, and co-authored an article on the use of Digital Storytelling as a Tool for Qualitative Data Interpretation and Communication. Grete also contributed to the broader internal quality assurance and peer review of articles.  

Grete Benjaminsen has a PhD in Development Studies from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). Grete’s primary research experience includes grounded and ethnographic enquiries into how different types of reform processes and interventions (environmental interventions, tourism-development and local government reform programs) settle in local realities, as well as the frictions that arise as part of such processes. Grete has also more than 10 years’ experience working as a program advisor for various development NGOs - this includes work in conflict and post-conflict areas.