Daniel Lohmann

led ICT4COP’s Work Package 11: Dissemination and Exploitation of Results from September 2020 through the end of the project, and previously contributed to Work Package 2: Comparative Studies as a research assistant. He co-wrote an editorial for the project’s special issue on police-community relations, reviewed various articles and policy briefs, participated in workshops and conferences for the project, and helped draft the project’s final reporting.

Daniel Juddson Lohmann joined the ICT4COP project after receiving an M.A. in International Relations from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. With broad interests in education, international affairs, sustainability, and technology, his experience has led him across public and private sectors. In 2012, he worked as an analyst for Minnesota Attorney General, guiding victims of fraudulent business practices to relevant services; in 2014, he worked as an implementation specialist for an agricultural technology startup, analyzing farming data and helping design solutions for farming operations in Ukraine and Russia in an effort to promote efficiency and sustainability. Following the ICT4COP project, he has worked as a project manager for an electric vehicle infrastructure company that aims toward a zero emissions future in the United States by installing EV charging stations across the country.