Clifford Okwany

contributed to ICT4COP’s Work Package 7: Africa through writing, planning, and execution of field work in Kenya and Somalia, as well as data collection. Okwany has taken part in the planning and execution of the ICT4COP annual conferences and has contributed in writing WP7’s report on COP in Kenya, cowriting two articles and a policy brief, and organizing the Nairobi Workshop Seminar.

Clifford Collins Omondi Okwany is a political scientist trained in Kenya and Norway. He is a security expert writing on Kenya's security with a wider focus on the Horn of Africa. Currently a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) candidate at the University of Nairobi, and an adjunct lecturer at the same university and Rongo University. He is an expert in International Security and Foreign Policy with a focus on ontological security. More Specifically, conducting research on Counter-Terrorism, Counter Violent Extremism, Radicalization, De-radicalization, Community-Based Armed Groups (CBAGs), and Non-State Armed Groups.