Bahadar Nawab Khattak

contributed to WP 8 as team leader for the research conducted in Pakistan. His research focus has been on reform processes in the police, with a particular emphasis on how the police link to local institutions.  Nawab has interdisciplinary academic background majoring in Environment and Development Studies. His core areas of specialization are in post crises development, community-based policing, conflict, peace and development, institutions and policy analysis, institutional bricolage, livelihoods and human security, climate change adaptation water supply and sanitation leading to sustainable development. 

Dr. Nawab has worked for nearly 30 years promoting Environment and Development Studies through research, education and capacity building. He is Chairman of the Department of Development Studies at COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) Abbottabad Campus, and a Steering Committee Member of the Himalayan University Consortium at ICIMOD (more than 60 universities from Asia, Europe, North America and Australia) since 2013.    He has established effective long-term collaborations with the Norwegian and German institutions in the North and Nepalese, Sri Lankan and Chinese institutions in the South. During 2007-2014, Nawab was key in promoting water supply, sustainable sanitation, health and development in Pakistan and Nepal through research and education. In addition to this, during 2011-2014, Nawab also focused on livelihoods, human security, gender and development in the Swat valley through Norwegian funded grants. These studies led to research and educational capacity building programs in Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka on Conflict, Peace and Development during 2015-2020 through a Norwegian funded NORHED program. Studies of social vulnerability and adaptation to climate change in Pakistan was another joint research initiative of Nawab with Norwegian and other partner institutions from Europe during 2013-2016. From 2015 onward, Nawab lead the Pakistani research team in the Pakistan Case country in Work Package 8 in the Horizon 2020 project on community-based policing and post conflict police reforms. Since 2007, Nawab worked jointly on research and capacity building grants with European and Asian universities and research organizations in South Asia, Europe and Africa.