Arturo Matute

has contributed to ICT4COP’s Work Package 9: Central America through coordinated research in two very different municipalities of Guatemala: In highland, indigenous, strongly-organized Totonicapán, and in urban, disorderly, high-violence Villa Canales. Matute has used the data gathered through qualitative methods in workshops with experts, and in in-depth interviews with active and former security-sector authorities. The research has examined if community-oriented policing strategies open opportunities to forward police reform in the high-violence, low-trust, weak-institutions, post-conflict context of Guatemala. 

Arturo Matute is an associated researcher of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Del Valle University of Guatemala. He has led violence prevention programmes based on the production of socioeconomic opportunities in the Central American region for international development agencies, has produced specialised information on citizen security through victimisation surveys and qualitative social research, and has worked as analyst for the International Crisis Group. He holds a master’s degree in anthropology and development from the London School of Economics.