WP1 – Project Management and Coordination


Contributing staff

Ingunn Andersen

Picture of Ingunn Andersen

is the ICT4COP Project Administrator, and the leader of Work Package 1: Project Management and Coordination.  She established internal management procedures together with partners’ management- and financial contacts, put in place systems for monitoring, assessment and mitigation of risks and she organized and implemented financial reporting procedures. Ingunn also managed regular international project events as well as unforeseen issues and she was the project’s liaison with the European Commission. 

Ingrid Nyborg

Picture of Ingrid Nyborg

is the ICT4COP Project Leader, as well as the leader of Work Package 2: Comparative COP, Work Package 6: Gender, and Work Package 8: South Asia. Dr. Nyborg has extensive experience in research and teaching in human security and post conflict development, with a specific focus on gender in development. She has worked extensively in Africa, as well as South Asia, where her most recent research has focused on post-conflict development in Afghanistan and Pakistan. She has considerable experience in project leadership, action research with civil society, and qualitative field methods.